Video: Top 10 Advertising Templates [After Effects]

Top 10 Advertising Templates [After Effects]

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Pre-made advertising templates for Adobe After Effects give you the ability to create professional, creative looking videos that advertise your product without having to start from scratch. The ability to animate your message and show what your product can do is incredibly compelling, which explains why advertising templates for After Effects are incredibly popular. Here is our list of Top 10 Advertising Templates for Adobe After Effects.

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10. Logo Blockbuster by Cyzer

9. Awesome Company Promotion by Videostones

8. Colorful Logo by Voofka

7. 3D Screens App Promo by Vectorica

6. Short Typography Commercials by Framestore

5. Beautiful Life by Framestore

4. Modern App Promo by Nullifier

3. Community Opener by Framestore

2. Agency/ Website/ Service Advertisement by Nullifier

1. Fashion Colors Elegance Slideshow by TranSMaxX

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