Video: Speed Learning: Learn In Half The Time | Jim Kwik

Speed Learning: Learn In Half The Time | Jim Kwik

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Everyday we are bombarded with a lot of information. We read the content on our social media feeds and email and text messages. But how many of us read books and novels every day? According to Jim Kwik, memorization helps you focus on retaining information and learn speed reading techniques.

In this powerful talk, Jim Kwik explains you can learn how to focus on any topic you put your mind to. He adds that when you show excitement and curiosity on a particular subject, it greatly improves memorization.

In this video, “Speed Learning: Learn In Half The Time,” Jim Kwik teaches you how to tap into your speed learning superpowers so that you can learn anything in half the time. He uses this simple, yet effective approach called FAST.

00:12 How can we learn faster?
02:18 What is long-term memory?
03:52 Stan Lee “With great power comes great responsibility”

Along with unlocking your Super Brain, Jim Kwik’s teachings that are based on speed learning techniques, motivates you to learn more in a shorter amount of time. Just imagine if you’re taking a class or in school. If you read faster in a shorter amount of time, you could read more books or related topics to your class.

“Speed Learning: Learn In Half The Time” with Jim Kwik is more than just about ways on how to focus, but maximizing your personal growth. The more knowledge you retain on a daily basis, the more your curiosity grows as a person.

Learn how to focus on studying and speed reading techniques in Jim Kwik’s FREE masterclass

Once labeled “The boy with the broken brain,” Jim Kwik is now the world’s leading expert in memory improvement and brain performance. He is a powerful Brain Coach for Hollywood superstars, top universities, Fortune 500 organizations, and global visionaries Stan Lee, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk.

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  1. Who the hell is he I mean what is his qualification for this shit in internet stupid as hell go study kids that is a money trap I only watch this beacuse ıt keeps showing up as an ad and ı am sick of non qualifite people saying stuff like he is ceo of what who fund him for what hey ı know how to learn fast than go to uni so stupid and he helps elon musk etc ye sure he did def. Elone M. needs this guys help. All thise stuff like energy healing etc are stupid too. I think it is basicly the placebo effect. Honstly ı just block the ad and I am really sick of seen it this much so sick of these kind of people all these doctors and psychologist studying the human brain and learning and this guy with a no uni degree says that he knows it all ye sure 🤣( English is not my first language sorry for any mistakes.) If you agree like ı guess or write a comment ı wanna know what everbody thinks about this .


  2. The truth is that I've observed my learning speed to be fast at times and just as slow at other times. This video actually pointed out to me those things that were responsible for my fast speed at times. Thanks a lot, man.


  3. do you think you would be as successful if u didn't use all the hand movements ,,, do you really need to do this , its a persuasion tactic to, if your information was really that good you could stand dead still and give the same information,, sure if i was you id probably use persuasion tatics aswell ,


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