Video: Psychology And Advertising

Psychology And Advertising

Little Timmy learns about persuasion in adversiting.
Assignment for Applied Psychology.
Written and designed by Lori Benoy and Sole Lander.
Animation and Sound design by Mathew Desanctis
Created for educational purposed only.
No Timmy’s were harmed in the making of this video


33 Comments on "Video: Psychology And Advertising"

  1. In the aspect of orange being colour which subconciously enduces an aggressive state after prolonged visual reception of it manifesting internally. You would think to question why prison system utilizes that colour being the particular jumpsuit worn daily. You would think scienctifically after analyzing this self induced reaction in retrospect why a more significant choice of the colour spectrum was not given. After realistically taking time to theoretically question this knowwing inmates are fined for prison mishaps i guess conclusively this works favorable for the sence of the system benefits more from the incarceration sentences.


  2. How advertising works: 1. Make people feel inferior or self-conscious. 2. Tell them that your product or service will make them feel superior or carefree. 3. Take their money. 4. When the product does not solve all their problems, they're even more insecure and gullible… and poorer. 5. Repeat cycle…


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