Video: Propaganda Techniques

Propaganda Techniques

This is a brief introduction video to propaganda techniques.


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  2. dismiss this all you want maybe you are right. maybe axe cologne really does get you bitches. maybe the general electrics doesn't make missiles, maybe the news doesnt feed you biased info but instead give you the 100% truth. maybe sandy hook actually did happen and the actors… i mean victims families really did lose their children and it wasnt a front to take away guns. maybe when planes hit buildings the buildings do blow up like a controlled detonation, maybe it was a coincidence that majority of the presidents are related. shit maybe paris really did get attacked by a fake terrorist group funded by america. shit i mean the media says all these topics are false so why not blindly beleive it and just call those who feel the need to ask questions about their government conspiracy theorists i mean why not? everybody else is doing it


  3. thankfully i had some decent teachers at my school who were able to actually teach me things that mattered. this was one of those things. though I'm sure majority of the other students probably let this valuable info leave their heads.


  4. I was blowing this off as infantile garbage but then with the help of the musical & lyrics and lively repetition of succinct and powerful commercial icons and phrases, I came to appreciate the concise exposure of common everyday persuasions that most people just absorb and follow. I refuse to wear any clothing that portrays commercial endorsements. Call me a rebel. I just don't play the game so well, do I? Thank you for the inspiring expose'.


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