Video: POP CULTURE: The Clever Tricks of Advertising

POP CULTURE: The Clever Tricks of Advertising

Adverts know us well and therefore tease us with promises of love, friendship, calm and success – but then go on merely to sell us things we don’t particularly need: like bars of chocolate or sports cars. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):


“Patek Philippe is one of the giants of the global watchmaking industry, with revenues last year of just short of 750 million euros. For years now, they have been running a very distinctive series of adverts featuring parents and children. You’re sure to have glimpsed one somewhere….”

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25 Comments on "Video: POP CULTURE: The Clever Tricks of Advertising"

  1. Advertising is a capitalist tool which results in the wealth of one person or family, and the exploitation of what they refer to as their facility too. The difference, the workers, retire with almost nothing, and the family goes on and produces entitled, insensitive and inconsiderate people who’s joy in life is themselves, and/or exploiting others.
    Just an opinion of course, capitalism has been very kind to 1-4% of the population….


  2. I don't give a crap about how good the actors are at pretending the business' cares about their customers, they use "technicalities" and high-paid lawyers to basically bribe their way out of justice. I don't care about: "Well, technically," It's still bribery if you use technicalities to the point where it is lying and cheating
    Why do you think quote, "beauty" companies sell products that don't actually make you more beautiful, but instead manipulate the feeble fears of the general population because of jealousy and anxiety and fear, all the while making people shallower and simpler and simpler and easier for the more intelligent to manipulate hahahahaha NO, I'M SERIOUS. It's okay to have fear, understand it, but embrace it and work through it. OWN IT. Don't take it for granted that these businesses have tour best interests at heart. Don't look for the EASY option. There is a better option to using makeup, and it will last forever; its called LOOKING AFTER YOURSELF, AND BEING A TRUELY UNIQUE AND WONDERFUL PERSON, NOT A BIMBO IN THE CROWD. I DON'T WANT TO DATE BIMBOS WHO COVER THEMSELVES IN FAKE TAN. IF I WANTED TO DATE AN ORANGE, I'D BUY ONE FROMT HE STORE. IF I WANTED A GIRL TO get it on with, and I was that desperate, I'd buy a prostitute. There are plenty of girls who would do it with me for money. Many have done it free. I'm looking for an intelligent woman. If I was looking for something to shag, I have a pillow.

    I'm looking for someone TRUELY special, a strong person not someone who cries because her makeup isn't right. I'd rather do it with an ugly but unique Einstein girl than with a bimbo.

    But a bit of both? Hell, yeah, that's my woman.


  3. So it has a video of something that actually isn't anything to do with the actual product, and instead it's trying to attach an idea to a thing to deceive people into subconsciously feeling that that solves all of their problems, so that when it doesn't they subconsciously keep buying the product without even realising?

    Take it at face value for what it is. It's manipulation. Dun dun dun!!!!!!!!!


  4. I think this is overly analytical. Capitalism provides people with good products. We are bombarded with hundreds of ads every day, and no one thinks deeply about them. We buy products because we want them, and not because we think they will actually have profound effects on our relationships, etc.


  5. I think the strongest ad trick is trends. If the majority of people talk about it, use it and feel superior using the product – that's more efficient than just ads. It creates a pressure upon us e.g. overpriced iPhones (selling superiority, not a phone).


  6. Capitalism is not designed to do that. To fill all our inner needs. capitalism's goal is to make profits for shareholders. This is Tyler durden's argument in Fight Club. He didn't have a solution and neither does Trump or Jordan Peterson for that matter. Trump and Peterson beating apologist capitalism and the status quo


  7. I'm ready to buy into good advertising because it makes using the product feel a lot better. Imo, a good advertising is such that gives the product a certain vibe that makes using the product more special, instead of giving you the false promise of a more successful life that dispels as soon as you buy into the ad. I'll choose a well-advertised (with this kind of good advertisement I described before) pair of jeans over other objectively identical pairs of jeans because I'll feel more confident and outgoing wearing them (and no, just showing me a confident and outgoing person wearing those jeans in the ad is not enough to do that, mb if it was my favorite character from a movie or smth like that…). I'm really driven by vibes, so I see no way you can call this kind of advertisement bad if it actually enhances your experience with the product. Edit: that being said, I could never afford to make impulsive purchases for anything more expensive than a high-end McDonald’s burger. So I guess this kind of mindset is based on not going savage and buying things the minute you saw an ad.


  8. This is barely at the surface of advertising. Just basic knowledge packed in a presentable way. Im quite supprise ar the amount of folks thinking this is even insightful. No wonder why advertising is so effective!


  9. Here's another "trick" in advertising: if every product and service advertised as "quick, easy, and guaranteed", were to perform as advertised, and the advertising industry insisted that all products they advertise live up to that claim, there would be no need for any advertising gimmicks.
    People might actually not mind being bombarded with ads so much, if they knew that all products and services lived up to their advertising claims. But when people know that so many products and services don't live up to their advertising claims, it creates cultural cynicism. Add ad bombardment on top of the false claims, the cynicism is compounded! People instinctively know that not only do the manufacturers of products and services make false claims, but that also the ad industry actively aids and abets those false claims.


  10. It feels like this video was an advertisement for School of Life merch, by saying that advertisements should sell things that fix people's lives.
    *looks at the "cards for self-exploration" *


  11. When I was a child I often payed more attention to the adverts than the actual programme I was watching. Some classic adverts shown here, especially the Hovis advert, every time I hear the music to that ad I'm moved to tears, its beautiful


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