Video: Ninja Under Fire for Advertising on Other Streamers Channels | #TipsterNews

Ninja Under Fire for Advertising on Other Streamers Channels | #TipsterNews

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43 Comments on "Video: Ninja Under Fire for Advertising on Other Streamers Channels | #TipsterNews"

  1. Ninja did another oopsie lol! Quick everyone go use donation notifications on Ninja's stream and when he bitches remind him that he supports advertising on the streams of others.


  2. I don't like Ninja but you guys are really nitpicking. If I have a channel where I advertise my game and twitch runs a fortnite ad, am I going to cry to twitch they are showing ads that are a conflict of interest with my game?

    The ads can show whatever they want. So the answer to Ninja response is really: Yes, it's because it's you.


  3. Why can't he see that his advertising on someone else's channel is the same thing as saying "hey…don't watch this streamer on new year's eve come watch me instead"? How could that NOT upset a streamer who might be planning to stream on new year's eve? What a dumb ass!


  4. Well of course, ninja is Twitch and Epics golden child.

    Want to scream at kids and bully others?
    Want to drink and swear on twitch while streaming?
    Want to tell someone you will go out of your way to get them banned for making you look bad?

    Be like Ninja.


  5. Ninja is an egotistical douche who gets defended on the regular, even by those who claim they don't like him. This sorta thing is right in like with his character. And his dick sucking, dick riding fangurls will still support and defend him regardless smh just sad


  6. its very inapropriate. as it hurts the streamer channel as people would think the stream supports the ninja stream and will inturn proply lose streams that watch them and go to ninja


  7. Cant this blue haired thunder cunt stay out of the Youtube spotlight for a day?! Jesus. Fuck Ninja! I never had an opinion of the guy til recently when he's shown what a whiny narcassistic baby. Looking forward to him falling out of the favor with the community and he disappears back to whatever cave he spawned from.

    Only time I'd watch him stream is if he was hanging from the ceiling.

    "Fuck you, Ninja!" – Took the words out of my mouth, Tipster.


  8. Ad rolls on twitch streams brings viewers to twitch? Last I checked you had to physically be ON twitch to see this ad roll. Unless I'm completely misinterpreting his intended purpose behind the tweet.


  9. How big of an ego does Ninja have? You forget, Tipster, this is the dude who, for some reason, thinks people who kill him in Fortnite MUST be stream sniping him, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, even though the majority of them have proven through footage they recorded that they didn't stream snipe at all. THAT'S. the level of ego we're dealing with here.


  10. Well ever since Ninja crossed over into "mainstream" everything he does or says has been magnified by 100. Twitch shilling for ninja is kind of wrong but he is where the money is at right now. But lets be clear here, why does twitch get the hall pass here, they are the ones who is running this shit on their website and twitch gets a pass on a lot of things and the main reason why is because everyone does not want to make daddy twitch mad so everyone hates on ninja because everyone is scared to loose their platform on twitch. As much as it sucks its the common phrase of "Dont hate the player, hate the game"


  11. Twitch advertising on twitch is somehow going to bring more viewers to twitch? I really don't see how advertising on twitch and not ANY OTHER PLATFORM, BRINGS NEW VIEWERS TO TWITCH. Answer me that, you alleged practitioner of the Ninjitsu way!


  12. I believe that the other streamers do have a right to be mad at Twitch and at Ninja

    He’s changed so much his ego has gotten much more bigger and it’s extremely sad that he doesn’t seem to concept that what is happening is wrong at all he’s just too busy making himself look good


  13. "How fucking stupid are you?", "fuck you"
    Man, i'm dissapointed with you. I've watched forever, but you're turning more and more toxic now that you've gotten new fans from the algorithm.
    Compare this to anything else in life and it's completely fair game. Ninja's also correct. You didn't use to jump on the outrage train, but I guess that's your style now.


  14. Twitch can do whatever they want because it's their website. All these streamers throwing a hissy fit saying "Twitch do not advertise another streamer on my page ever again!" don't realize that they do not own their "Twitch" page. Like any other website where uses can create a handle, you do not own it, you are essentially renting that page. Twitter can delete my account whenever they want, and there's nothing I could do because I don't own my Twitter handle, Twitter does.


  15. What a fucking idiot. I really dislike the streaming culture and shit that goes on with Twitch. People like Ninja just reaffirms my disliking.


  16. Why is it find for him to be promoted in other channels??? Before he was big he use to promote channels for 10$ then one of his subs for like 2 years before he was big donated 10$ and this dude attack and perm banned him fuck ninja bro


  17. How is this different than Amazon Merchant ads for competitors shirts appearing on your shirts page? Or Google AdWords paid competitors ads appearing above your site in the search results?

    Welcome to reality, Twitch streamers, I'm glad you finally caught up with "normal".


  18. I made a long comment, but in reality there's alot of information I need in order to stand by my initial opinion. The questions I have is: Did ninja pay for this ad or did twitch? This is a factor because if Ninja paid for the ad that means he basically broke a un-written rule which I can see why people would be upset with. But if twitch paid for it, then there would be no reason to be mad at Ninja, and twitch is doing a business move, which isa whole other issue and falls into a gray area. In reality though Ninja's name has helped other youtube and twitch channels grow. I bet people are watching your video right now just for the fact that Ninja's name is in it. So his comment although egotistical has some truth. The double edge sword about all this hate towards this ad is in reality it is just promoting him even more, people love drama, and now people will tune in just to see his reactions. If I saw his ad I would care less about it, but to see how mad it made all these other streamers (some which I find extremely hyprocrital) I definitely will at least tune in just for a little bit. Its ironic that all these youtube channels and streamers talk about Ninja to use his name to get views, but then when an actual ad pops up for him they get mad. This is just my opinion, although it is different from yours I do enjoy your channel Tipster.


  19. yer its simple ninja has many times complained about other trying to promote ther stream on his channel now he is doing that same thing on everybodys channel


  20. I think it depends on if Ninja is paying for the ads or if Twitch is just rolling them because it's Ninja. If he is actually paying for the ads then he should have the same right as any other advertiser. After all YouTube has allowed other YouTubers to advertise platform wide for a long time. I never saw this outrage about YouTube doing it. If on the other hand this is something that Twitch is is doing without Ninja going through the advertising process then there is a huge problem. We have known Twitch plays favorites for a long time but in this case it would be very blatant.


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