Video: Inside The World Of Creative Advertising Agencies

Inside The World Of Creative Advertising Agencies

Commercial breaks can be annoying but every once in a while comes along that one great advertisement that leaves us wondering about the team behind it. Watch this episode of Heads Up, if you are an aspiring advertising professional, wanting to start your own agency or are simply curious about how ad campaigns are designed.

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16 Comments on "Video: Inside The World Of Creative Advertising Agencies"

  1. Just started an internship at Leo Burnett as a copywriter, or 'Idea Guy' as I was calling it 3 weeks ago, but educational background is embedded completely in Physics. Any tips/job wisdom guys?


  2. Nothing they said made any sense. I'm not trying to be mean about it but just because you say a word that sounds technical doesn't mean it actually has any meaning. Look up technical Jargon on here and you find a bunch of videos making fun of talking like that. They gave no real examples of anything they did. It similar to just reading a script of what a job description is and then find out the job has nothing to do with the description. Technical analyst, What the heck does that even mean. You get what I am saying? This video is not informative at all.


  3. This is actually one of the best videos I've seen on the subject. Not only did you give a brief summary you actually interview several people who educated me in what they are doing but also sat down with the owner and asked some very good questions. Great job!! 

    I'm looking to start my own creative ad agency so this helps a lot​!


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