Video: Indie Game Advertising – How To Do It Properly

Indie Game Advertising – How To Do It Properly

I see a lot of people say that advertising doesn’t work, or that indie game advertising isn’t good. Those people are doing it wrong and they don’t understand some key principles and metrics. I walk you through that stuff in this video.
67 Tips for Game Developers:

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20 Comments on "Video: Indie Game Advertising – How To Do It Properly"

  1. Amazing video! I know this has been up for a while but I don't see why it wouldn't still be relevant. I learned a lot from this video and it truly made me understand how advertising could be profitable. The only thing is that if I understood correctly, there is no way for me to know how much money I'll have to dump into this until I figure out a website layout that converts enough people to end up being profitable… Doesn't that just boil down to a gamble? or is there any way to know how much finding this "gold mine" will cost?


  2. I think conversion rate is really meant to track the actual purchase or whatever your end goal is. Really that landing page would just give a second click through rate because clicks != sales


  3. This is very valuable info, and so appreciated! Making the game comes naturally to me in many ways, this does not, but I better understand why I need to learn it. Thank you


  4. There are two problems, number one is that entertainment and technology work through mental trends. One strategy may work today and then tomorrow it completely doesn't work. People catch on to any kind of 'tricks' you're trying to throw their way. The second is reputation, building a reputation as you've stated in your other videos is extremely important before you actually get to selling anything. For many indie game developers that are very serious finding a reputable publisher that would partner with them is the most viable means of business.


  5. thanks for the ad tips Tim. It's been hard trying to figure out the marketing side of game development, so more of these vids are perfect. Does anyone know how much building or bus advertisement costs? I saw a billboard of Battle Chef Brigade in Chicago that had me watching a Total Biscuit review on it later (effective marketing😉)!


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