Video: How much should bands spend on advertising and marketing (viewer question)

How much should bands spend on advertising and marketing (viewer question)

I answer a viewer question: How much should a band spend on advertising on social media platforms when promoting a tour, album, or other project?

And note that while I’m talking about this in the specific context of bands, everything I’m saying here applies to any kind of DIY creative project.

A few things I touch on:

– Why bands should invest first and foremost in making great music with a great producer at a great studio (because advertising and marketing can’t make a bad band popular)

– How to think about the right budget for advertising your band or other project on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms

– How much bands of various levels should spend on advertising for tours and album promotion

– How to directly track the ROI of Facebook advertising via platforms like Shopify and why you should invest heavily in these advertising campaigns (as long as they are profitable)



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29 Comments on "Video: How much should bands spend on advertising and marketing (viewer question)"

  1. You have a lot of people watching you from other other countries other than the USA of course so, wouldn't be great for you to show also short interviews on how people of other countries see their own scenes? ( Nu Metal, Metal Core, Djent, Slam, etc…. ) cuz for sure I could relate to a bunch of things you say here, but also showing other realities of the same scene could help both, local bands of other scenes, as well as possible foreign bands to come to those countries………Awesome channel! Greetings from Colombia, Southamerica lml


  2. Your content is spot-on! DIY ethic is SO MUCH more than just fixing your amp with duct tape while living in your mom's basement because you can't get it together to promote your shows effectively or apply the discipline and creativity to create a product that is worth promoting. My girlfriend an I both came up in punk and celt rock scenes about 10 years and 5 states apart and many of your videos sound like conversations going down at MY house!
    Keep up the GOOD work!


  3. Hey Finn. Like a lot of musicians these days, I work alone. And I am 100% DIY. Because I work alone, shows and touring are out of the question. Frankly, I'm not interested in those things anyway. I'm curious what kind of business model or approach you might recommend for this type of situation. My sole desire is a visceral connection with others through the music itself. Not merch or stage presence or media content. Just what matters, the music. My costs are low given my circumstances. But without shows, merch and touring I am having to rethink my approach on the logistics side of things. You're thoughts please. Thanks Finn.


  4. I really like your channel !!! I love all this themes !! One thing i'd like to know is : Can a band become as big as a stadium rock band without a major label today ?? Like in the old days !! Is it possible ?? What do you think !!
    If you look at the 90ies with bands like soundgarden or nirvana , that kinda stuff, they were HUGE. It seems to me that they were bigger than all the new bands today ! but im not sure …


  5. Could you do a video that drills down a bit deeper into that tipping point of “are you ready” and when you advertise? In the beginning all this money is going out the door, you don’t want to blow your limit resources too early, but on the other hand, getting that attention helps reinforce what is working and what is not. This video touches on it, but it such a complex question and you don’t what to screw it up by going too early or going too late. Thanks. Great videos.


  6. Thanks for the excellent content, binge watching your videos. It's great to finally see a legit professional sharing valuable music business insight in a straightforward and engaging manner, keep them coming.


  7. music videos? im lost on that, anything u can provide would be awesome! how much should i spend? how much should i spend on the video vs running ads on it? love the vids man!


  8. I always struggle with investing money into my music. We had a lot of interest within the first week of our release because our song was on a popular you tubers video. It was great to see the engagement, but I still find it hard to decide if I should be investing money. No other promotion has done that well.


  9. I've heard that direct mail is effective at reaching millennials. Should we be spending money on postcards or is that just a ploy by USPS to generate business?


  10. Legitimate question I've always wondered for bands on tour: How do you (the band) decide how many shirts (especially of each size) to produce to sell? I guess it may differ for each band depending on popularity. I know I've heard bands say things like "we didn't bring enough XL's to Texas" or "we didn't expect so many girls in _______, CA" so how do bands figure out pre-tour start what to bring?


  11. Hi Finn, great stuff! Question, should you target your advertising to your current audience statistics or shift to target an audience you don't already engage? eg 94 percent of listeners on spotify are male, should we then target more female listeners?


  12. Interesting stuff! So how would you get to that point of generating buzz for what you do, (before you you spend money on advertising) . I mean it's it possible for a none touring /live playing bands? What about a different creative service like illustration?


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