Video: How Marketers Manipulate Us: Psychological Manipulation in Advertising

How Marketers Manipulate Us: Psychological Manipulation in Advertising

Have you ever wondered why some advertisements are so simplistic, or why companies even bother with some marketing techniques? Watch this video to learn about all the ways that marketers use psychology to maximize their success.

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  1. Stop trying to manipulate people with celiac disease. If commercials were honest I do believe they would sell more food. Sell me some Gluten free, gmo free and organic food. I'll buy it.


  2. Bose has been making high end headphones with a lot of marketing well before Beats. The marketing back in the single digit 2000s were to classy businesses class travelers with similar techniques as luxury products rather than giving them to basket ball stars to wear on court for free. The current Bose quiet comfort headphones are well reviewed and are popular by middle aged men. I have demoed these headphones and I don’t know what is so great about them. I have a Beats Solo 3 and I think it sounds great. I also have a Bose Sound Link II Bluetooth speaker I think sounds better than most speakers. I think their is another force driven by social media that skews certain views away from a brand because it make people believe they are better than the “masses”. By buying Sonos speaker rather than Bose, one could feel they are special and exclusive. Or by buying some other High End headphone brand other than Beats even though they are nearly mimicking it’s success.


  3. The longer line phenomenon is partly because the shorter line has to be too good to be true. If you get in it you found out you're in the wrong line and you have to go to the end of the longer line anyway.

    When I go to the bank and get in the usually shorter Merchant Window line, I feel a little bit guilty and uncomfortable for having the blatantly obvious privilege of enjoying a shorter line. Then I remember how much more it is costing me and I get over it.

    But even so this is a great video and a good addition to the body of evidence against the weaponization of advertising against society and the human race.


  4. Name brand medicine usually has more pleasant, smoother pills or capsules that don’t disintegrate before you can reach for the water. I buy the generic if I don’thave a sore throat, cold, or sensitive stomach that day.


  5. 🤯 Okay to all the dumb ass who are still complaining this is his first fucking video. It's from 3 years ago jeaus h Christ just more of his stuff he as a million subs.


  6. those stupidly high priced headphones are the type I laugh at most. Care to know what I have plugged into my mp3? Skull candy earbuds, because they were only $12 at office depot.

    Its no different with the custom knife community. Enough people have said that some $200+ knife is better than the same type you can buy commercially for a quarter of that, just because it was made by some grinder jockey and looks like it belongs on a display stand or in a beauty padgent. Or places like tops who charge $65 for the alrt mini, which anyone with a file, a drill and propane torch could make in 45 minutes. $65 isn't even worth the steel its made from, especially since a piece of .125 x 1 x 18 inch 1095 bar stock will run about $12. Yet, because so many say they're worth it, everyone else thinks nothing else is worth getting. The custom knife market is built on nothing but hype and brilliant marketing. Custom knife fanboys can get fucked for all I care.


  7. Pavlov's dogs didn't salivate when one thing happened. What was it?

    If you clicked on this to read the rest, congratulations. You have just learned how your attention is easily controlled by creating a mystery. Our focus remains on something until it is resolved. If not resolved, we tend to keep thinking about it. Hence why we stay awake in bed at night, and constantly check our phone or email, or what have you, waiting for that response we just know is coming.

    So now that we have went through that, and you probably weren't completely focused on it, because you were wondering what the one thing was that prevented Pavlov's dogs from salivating, let's get into what it was:

    Changing the environment. When conditions were the same, the dogs would salivate. Yet, when the environment had been altered, the bell had no effect. This is because what is salient in our brains becomes the focal point, and takes on more attention and importance. The bell became less important than the new surroundings.

    So, how can we use this to help us fall asleep better without the distractions of our phone? It's truly as simple as leaving your phone in another room. Just by walking through the door into your bedroom, you are subconsciously changing the focus of your mind, because the entire environment changes.

    And how can we prevent classical conditioning from advertisements? Set goals. There is a reason goal setting is so powerful for entrepreneurs…and it can be for everyone else as well. By setting goals, and reading them twice daily, first thing when you wake up, and last thing before you go to bed; you are setting in your mind the focus and attention for the entire day, the most important things. And as such, you tend not to be distracted by ads as easily, since they will only distract you from your goals. When you know your goals, and the direction your life is going, anything that isn't a part of that plan becomes irrelevant, and unimportant. You tend not to fall for impulse buying, or persuasive advertising the same. And the things that can help you achieve your goals, become more prevalent in advertising…and those typically aren't bad things to consider purchasing anyways.


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