Video: Good Morning Mindcrack – Zistonian Advertising Techniques – 1/5/13

Good Morning Mindcrack – Zistonian Advertising Techniques – 1/5/13

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Currently, I create videos on my custom-built computer that has an i7 2600k processor, 16GB of RAM and a GTX 580 graphics card. I record my console gameplay using the Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card which I later edit using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5. I also use Audacity and Adobe After Effects for additional post-production work. I currently use a Blue Yeti microphone. In addition to being a charity enthusiast, I collect things from the Legend of Zelda franchise. I enjoy chicken.

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Music: Dawn and Ocean” from Wind Waker
“Boss Clear” from Link to the Past
“Bonus Victory, Failure and Intro” from Donkey Kong Country 2


32 Comments on "Video: Good Morning Mindcrack – Zistonian Advertising Techniques – 1/5/13"

  1. For the first time? strange hmmmm? cause i can remember we played the game together on my Snes when Donkey Kong country 2 launched and you couldnt even beat the boss D=


  2. Whoa MC. Pretty bold of you. If someone came to my base–gathered up some of my goods and tried to force me to exchange them. I'd show up with a Diamond sword and Poison splash potions.


  3. Imagine someone entering your house, going through your stuff, gathering all the money, putting it on the table with a note: Come buy at WALMART! That's basicly what happened here.


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