Video: DIY Epoxy Possibilities

DIY Epoxy Possibilities

This Video will spark some ideas on what is possible with epoxy. We had to show you what folks made on some of the very first experiences with Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy. Please Feel free to subscribe to our channel and share this with your friends to help us grow, we appreciate your support!
products designed for the DIY customer to go pro! You Got This!


47 Comments on "Video: DIY Epoxy Possibilities"

  1. Hello Mike or anyone at S.C.C. How would and epoxy over coat hold up an external wall outside of a home in direct sunlight? If the home stucco is removed and your design idea was added to a wood wall in direct sunlight? I wanted to use IPA Wood but it fades after about 1 year to gray.


  2. Would like to see a video creating the white marble with bronze accents. I just purchased the materials to do this on 11/2/2019. And I’m doing a dresser top. I don’t want to mess this up or the wife will be pissed.


  3. Hey there!
    Love the work you do. I'm wondering if you can make a fire effect table? Using the spray paint method and portraying a lifelike fire effect?
    thanks for your time…
    J and B


  4. I would like a light gray with white striated through it. Is that a possibility? I have very light colors in my kitchen and would like to keep it that way. The colors you've shown are beautiful but a little dark for me.


  5. I just wanted to listen to some music in the shower, instead I got one song and a 5 minute commercial about your dumpster products. No one wants a commercial longer than 15 seconds on YouTube. I will never buy your products, I am dumber after listening to you, I award you zero points, and may God have mercy on your soul


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