Video: Apple’s Advertising Secrets

Apple’s Advertising Secrets

it’s not jony ive.

Apple’s secrets to advertising and marketing lie in a man you probably have never heard of before. Mike Markkula. Find out more in this week’s Coffee Break!

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34 Comments on "Video: Apple’s Advertising Secrets"

  1. Tbh it’s kinda funny seeing people who are so smug about the fact that they don’t own an apple device, Samsung, google etc are all the same in their morals, just apple have more good ads.


  2. "impute" is a revealing term. It does mean assigning or attributing value or credit to something, but with the implication of being false and unjust. In Apple's own reckoning, a monitor stand is worth a grand because that's the price they entered into their accounting. Not very empathetic to screw the consumer over like this, and not very focused on trimming your product line, charging for two items that beforehand were sold together. That ordeal was all impudent imputation.


  3. Ads that don't tell me what the product actually is and instead go for lifestyle and appearance make me suspicious. I've never liked the apple ads for that reason


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