Video: Anzu is an in-game 3D advertising platform

Anzu is an in-game 3D advertising platform

Immersive-first 3D advertising platform.


21 Comments on "Video: Anzu is an in-game 3D advertising platform"

  1. Advertising & capitalism are what's wrong with damn near everything… This guy just found another way to make loot off 2 of the most precious commodities…our time & attention


  2. Interviewer was an asshole but a very very interesting idea. The only question is, will the gaming community be okay with their games being turned into advertisement spaces?


  3. He says you play GTA and you see nothing? One of the best parts of GTA is the massive amount of spoof ads. This guy clearly has never played GTA, he's just mentioning major games he's heard of.


  4. Well, I'm really sick of ads, tracking with cookies in particular. If this thing uses just generic ads its fine. In some games like watch dogs that would be EPIC LOL. However, its gonna be abused at some point and we r gonna suffer. AAA developers care a lot about profit and not really players experience.

    We don't really want real life brands and ads in games. Please don't do this. Especially with VR around its gonna be terrible.


  5. Owh my god! fuck no!!!.. NO!!!!..

    I want to play my games without being burdened by ads or any other bullshit.. You will NOT! put ads in our video games.


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