Video: Advertising Techniques: Show Don’t Tell

Advertising Techniques: Show Don’t Tell

Is showing part of your advertising? How about your marketing strategy?

This week’s edition of Monday Morning Marketing Quote shares an advertising technique for speaking more credibly with your customers, and comes from Steve Cohen and his book, Win the Crowd: Unlock the Secrets of Influence, Charisma, and Showmanship

“In my own work as an entertainer, I’ve found that the nonspoken suggestions help set the stage even before I open my mouth. Novelists use this technique extensively. When an author wants you to think something about a character, he doesn’t flatly write, for example, ‘John is sad,’ Instead, he may write ‘John’s shoulders slumped forward, his eyes red from crying.’ Based on this description, the reader gets a better impression of the author’s intentions. It’s the old adage Show, don’t tell.” – Steve Cohen

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