Video: Advertising per Mad Men

Advertising per Mad Men

What is advertising? Mad Men proposes an answer.

[Includes vulgar language.]


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  1. Regulations should only require manufacturers to make it abundantly clear about the risks of their products. Banning tobacco commercials is censorship. It goes against the core principles of Western Values. Whatever happened to freedom of expression?


  2. A great first episode to let you know what the show is going to be about. Even the scene with the fly stuck in the corner of the light. Don is a fake selling fake happiness. He falls apart as he seems to be the rainmaker for the firm. Pitching tobacco was the best product–literally selling slow, painful death as wholesome as mom's toast. Had they begun with Menken's, it wouldn't have had the cynicism. Meanwhile, there's all the office power games going on–this isn't a crew who works together, they stab each other in the back and sometimes the front as well. It was a "man's world", or really, a man's jungle. Every day is "What have you done for us lately?" with as much intrigue as any royal court


  3. When the old man tells his son "shame on ya" for not knowing how their product is made lmao, he's a real old fashioned tobacco baron.


  4. I like how everyone spent years pretending cigs werent bad for them even in teh face of overwhelming evidence and common sense and then in order to further shed responsibility for using them and incurring the consequences, they whine to the government to punish the people they bought them from of their own free will. people disgust me.


  5. When I smoked many, many years ago I could buy a carton of Lucky Strikes for $2.00 including tax. Late 1950’s. You could smoke ANYWHERE! Even in hospitals. How things have changed. In this case, for the better.


  6. Holy shit no lie my cigarette of choice became Lucky Strikes in the military and I would brag how they're cigarettes are toasted making them somewhat better in my mind as far as quality. This goes to show me I've been a pawn of advertising, my life is a lie.


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