Video: Advertising Atheism

Advertising Atheism

Selling unbelief: the atheist bus campaign comes to Canada, prompting support, and criticism.


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  1. 36:31… I don't know a huge amount about the event and everything surrounding it. Just very basic stuff. But I automatically recoiled at the idea that this was fueled by the attackers' belief in God. I am very very very sceptical of that idea. I think anyone else should be as well. They did it in the name of God, maybe, but not at all for that reason alone, as is ever the case. The buddy that's talking also says afterwards something about being fulfilled. That point surely argues itself. Look at the situation in the world of those who attacked. Ask yourself if this could have happened without the presence of religion. I think it bloody well could have. Jordan speaks about the structure remaining the same whether you believe in it or not. Yes. People fight, and they fight under a banner of some kind, any time. Replace God with something else, even Freedom, and this could be replicated. Probably. This, in my opinion, is less about the religion than it is about the people and the situation they're in and where it leads them.


  2. Back when Jordan could make a point in a few seconds & not a few hrs… before he found the benzos. God would approve of GABA, glycine, choline & potassium much better Mr Peterson! Even his daughter doesn't understand what vegetables do, or how they provide carbohydrates & essential vitamins, minerals, it's appalling how little nutritional education there is in the Peterson family. You got the father on drugs, daughters hooked on meat, wife is dying and god knows what she was eating too. Who knows how his nutritional deficiencies & benzos have completely tainted the way he looks at life. Like blaming depression from a bad diet on marxism. That's what Peterson does. A balanced professor won't attack either side. Just present the facts.


  3. This is a staged video, people, it's not real. Watch old video's of Jordan Peterson and see the difference in character and appearance. The rabbit-hole goes very deep. Unfortunately last year, Jordan has been taken over by an alien, who has droned his body. Jordan Peterson is dead. They perform this action when people who are Christ-like become too influential. They also use clones. They also target psychiatric patients who 'know', as myself. They have infiltrated in mental health facilities. They look like ordinary people, but aren't. Read my story at or watch the following video: . And remember: God is in everyone of us, even in the hobo at the corner of your street…


  4. Advertising Atheism????? we need organisation for that??? we already have science………… who is more credible than science……….

    to be clear, i m not against god or church,… i m just against funding any organisation that do not directly contribute to the society, as directly contribution i would consider hospitals, police, schools,…. people that directly contribute to the society


  5. How does someone equate old cultural practices for rites of initiation in reaching adulthood (eg a quest for example) – purely anthropological and cultural as stated- to circumcision of infants – a physiological/biological/medical/religious based topic?!? Like, your can't promote "freedom/individuality" without understanding the various paths and forms this takes, but apparently this guy did. Seems like a pretty obvious logical fallacy to me on that guys part. And before you start, no I'm not a JP "bro" or a huge fan at all yes I'm likely more leftie than you, no that doesn't make me some wailing SJW freely flying baseless accusations like that guy did, yes I loved existential phenomenological psychology, no your superstitions and beliefs aren't something you should expect everyone else to care about, yes that applies to atheists too, and frankly everyone needs to get the heck over themselves and stop acting like they're better than anyone else – your ego and his ego and my ego all literally become maggot good eventually so please don't act like you're actually ever escaping that physiological fact so if you all don't mind making the time until then less intolerable by being more tolerable and less enforceable in your subjected beliefs seeking as 7.7 billion others have theirs too, that'd be great.


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