Video: 6 Real Examples How to Multiply Sales and Profit | Advertisement Tips | Dr. Amit Maheshwari

6 Real Examples How to Multiply Sales and Profit | Advertisement Tips | Dr. Amit Maheshwari

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Learn how to Multiply sale and profit.

In this Video, “Dr. Amit Maheshwari Describing with example “What the way of business growth & How to increase your sale and easily promote your brand and giving the tips for easily and fastly promote your brand by the public”.

1. When you make your first sale, follow-up with the customer. You could follow-up with a “thank you” email and include an advertisement for other products you sell. You could follow-up every few months.

2. Sell the reprint/reproduction rights to your products. You could include an ad on or with the product for other products you sell. You could make sales for the reproduction rights and sales on the back end product.

3. You could cross promote your product with other businesses’ products in a package deal. You can include an ad or flyer for other products you sell and have other businesses selling for you.

4. When you ship out or deliver your product, include a coupon for other related products you sell in the package. This will attract them to buy more products from you.

5. Send your customers a catalog of add-on products for the original product they purchased. This could be upgrades, special services, attachments, etc. If they enjoy your product they will buy the extra add-ons.

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Dr. Amit Maheshwari is an award-winning Global Business Trainer, Corporate Trainer, Keynote Motivational Speaker, Mentor, and Consultant, and travels the globe sharing his insights on Business Growth, Sales generation, Leadership, Team Work and Management. He has been working In the Training Industry since last 16 Years, with a complete experience of 750+ Training Workshop In India.

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