Recommended eBook: Your Guide to Twitter Marketing 2017: Build Your Brand, Get New Followers and Drive Traffic to Your Website

Your Guide to Twitter Marketing 2017: Build Your Brand, Get New Followers and Drive Traffic to Your Website by Anita Nipāne. (View on iTunes)

Digital marketing environment is changing every day. Tools and techniques used for Twitter marketing are constantly changing. The tools that once were free can now be got for money only or have disappeared at all. Those techniques that worked a few years ago don’t work anymore. New Twitter marketing features, tools, and techniques have emerged. A lot of them are free.

If you want to take a full advantage of the Twitter marketing and use actionable tactics, this book is exactly what you need. After reading it, you will know how to get targeted Twitter followers, build partnerships, generate traffic to your website and what tools to use to automate your Twitter marketing and save your time and money. Everything that is written in this book is tested and fully actionable.

After reading this book, you will be able to:
create a profile page that helps to build your brandget targeted Twitter followers fastget more engagement to your tweets and drive traffic to your websitechoose and use relevant hashtags that work for youuse Twitter Advanced Search tool to find the information you needto automate your Twitter posting and listeninguse Twitter lists for your marketing needsfind potential partners and build relationships with them to become an influenceranalyze your competitors and their marketing tacticsanalyze your Twitter marketing resultsbuild your Twitter marketing strategy that works for you and will spread word of mouth about your brand, services and products.
Many of Twitter marketing gurus are affiliates of paid marketing tools; therefore, they won’t tell you about the free alternatives for paid Twitter marketing tools. I don’t cooperate with any of those brands. I’m a normal user who doesn’t like to overpay. I suppose, you, too. Be up to date. Buy and read this book to improve your Twitter marketing results and save your money.

By Anita Nipāne

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