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Realty Blogging by Richard Nacht & Paul Chaney. (View on iTunes)

Unleash the power of blogging in your real estate business

Are you blogging for your real estate business? Realty Blogging shows you how to fully utilize this powerful, direct-communication marketing tool, giving you all the know-how you need to capture the interest and business of local homeowners, buyers, and sellers.

Drawing upon their extensive experience in blogging, real estate, and online marketing, authors Richard Nacht and Paul Chaney reveal how to:
Develop an effective Internet marketing strategy

Generate leads consistently at almost no cost

Define yourself as an expert in a particular area

Serve your market niche

Establish long-term relationships with your customers

Create content that attracts major search engines

Create buzz about your blog in the media

Plus, you receive a FREE blogging platform and instructional sessions to get you blogging right away!

By Richard Nacht & Paul Chaney

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