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Heart and Hustle by Patricia Bright. (View on iTunes)

”I’m going to show you how to hustle like I do, using your head and heart. All it takes is three steps…”

YOUR BRAND: how you can use who you are to smash it online

YOUR BUSINESS: how to run your side hustle like a total boss

YOUR BELIEFS: ditch the thinking that’s holding you back

From the early lessons she learned growing up in South London, to the moment she gave up the 9 to 5 to do what she loved, Patricia Bright’s story will revolutionise how you think about work, life, and what it means to succeed.

Packed with her trademark attitude, style and sense of fun, Heart & Hustle is an inspirational guide to taking control of your own future.


‘Patricia Bright is killing it right now’

‘One of Britain’s biggest YouTube stars’

About the author

Patricia Bright has one of the fastest growing lifestyle YouTube channels in the UK. With a professional background in financial consulting, she is now a multi-award-winning content creator with a following of over 3 million spanning the globe, an ambassador for brands including MAC, L’Oreal and Diet Coke, and was cover girl for Glamour magazine’s first biannual issue. In addition to working with top brands, Patricia has developed her own e-commerce business. She’s a South London girl born and raised, now raising a young family of her own. She is an inspiration to all those who have followed her journey.

By Patricia Bright

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