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From Z to A-Lister by Jen Su. (View on iTunes)

Jen Su was told that she would ‘never make it as a Chinese-American in the South African broadcasting industry’. Today, this TV and radio presenter is one of the most celebrated personalities on the social landscape with an incredibly strong personal brand built on reputation, trust, strength of character, and social networking. From Z to A-Lister – How To Build Your Personal Brand is an essential guide to developing and cultivating your unique persona by playing on your strengths and singular qualities. Jen Su takes you through the South African social scene, and shares the secrets that saw her go from Z to A in six different countries around the world. Her tips on Asian graces, social networking and finding the style that is best for you, mixed in with anecdotes of the twists and turns in her personal life, will be an inspiration to anyone who is aspiring to build and cultivate their personal brand and reputation.

By Jen Su

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