Recommended eBook: Branding 123: Build a Breakthrough Brand in 3 Proven Steps – Second Edition

Branding 123: Build a Breakthrough Brand in 3 Proven Steps – Second Edition by Barry Silverstein. (View on iTunes)

This Second Edition of this authoritative eGuide offers small businesses with fledgling brands the opportunity to apply proven strategies and techniques used by the big guys. Branding expert Barry Silverstein, co-author of The Breakaway Brand (McGraw-Hill), provides readers with a comprehensive yet simple plan to follow so they can (1) build a brand positioning statement, (2) build a brand identity, and (3) build a brand marketing plan. Specific examples and a wealth of additional resources are included. Written clearly and concisely, Branding 123 has everything you need to build a breakthrough brand.

Branding 123 is the first in a series of 123 eGuides. 123 eGuides are designed for today’s reader who wants information in a quick, convenient, easily readable format. Each 123 eGuide is intended to provide a functional overview rather than a detailed roadmap. Every 123 eGuide always includes additional resources if the reader wants to learn more. 123 eGuides provide maximum value at minimum cost.

Review posted August 14, 2011 by Mark Didas, owner of waveSpawn (, a small technology business:

Build a breakthrough brand for the price of a coffee

A good friend and mentor of mine, Barry Silverstein, just published a new eGuide entitled Branding 123, Build a Breakthrough Brand in 3 Proven Steps. In it, Barry shares his knowledge and experience as a marketing and creative professional. The book is “designed around one thing: to help make your brand a breakthrough brand, because that’s what a brand needs to be to succeed today.” Small business owners, in particular, will benefit from the information shared. It’s a quick read and may be the wisest investment you make in growing your business.

The book gives a thorough background and definition of branding and the influence a brand can have. Many examples are sited which help to simplify the understanding. “If a brand appeals to a consumer on both a rational and emotional level, it has a very strong chance of becoming a memorable, long-lasting brand.”

The book really does a nice job of explaining – in simple terms – the advantages and differences between establishing a company brand and a product brand. Step-by-step advice is shared on how to build your brand position, brand identity, and marketing plan. Since creating brand preference is typically one of your goals, knowing your target audience and their buying patterns is a good place to start.

I would encourage anyone looking for practical tips and strategies on strengthening their brand and/or growing their business to take a closer look at this eGuide. It is written for a wide audience of professionals – not just marketing folks.

By Barry Silverstein

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