Generate Referrals With Easy-to-Use Referral Marketing Systems

Generate Referrals With Easy-to-Use Referral Marketing Systems

Product Name: Generate Referrals With Easy-to-Use Referral Marketing Systems

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Generate Referrals With Easy-to-Use Referral Marketing Systems
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Generate Referrals With Easy-to-Use Referral Marketing Systems

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How much is each new customer worth to your business over the lifetime of their patronage – Hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars?
What is the best method of attracting more of these valued customers?
Suppose that you knew how you could easily add the most highly
effective, yet inexpensive techniques to generate a steady flow…
or even a “flood” of these new customers. Now suppose that these prospects contact you and are already
“pre-sold” on buying your product and/or service!
Sound too good to be true?Well, consider this… Statistics show that the quickest and easiest marketing method you can use to dramatically increase your company’s bottom-line is by attracting targeted “pre-sold” prospects through the generation of referrals.For example… According to a recent Jupiter Media Metrix survey, 70% of Internet users are compelled to visit new web sites through referrals. The truth is… unless you are constantly and systematically generating sales from referrals, you are missing out on a
significant profit opportunity.The Problem: How exactly do you systematically generate prospects that are
“pre-sold” on your product?The Solution: With referral marketing “systems”
If you have never heard of referral marketing “systems” – let me explain to you the
“secrets” of how they work with this story…
As a marketing coach and consultant, I talk to clients and prospective clients all day long helping them
increase sales with high-ROI marketing techniques. When I first start consulting with a client, almost all mention that they receive a small percentage of new business through
referrals, and that they want to increase this number due to the high quality of prospects they generate.
But, most businesses do not have a formal process or system for the generation of referrals. In fact, most do not even ask, or they ask incorrectly. For example… many people think that generating referrals means asking their clients and contacts these intrusive questions:

“Do you have anyone to recommend to me?”
“Who do you know that could use my product?”

These questions will NOT convince many people to refer business to you! And this takes me to my main point of this story…

Significant amounts of referrals
usually do NOT “just happen”

Fortunately, increasing clientele and customers with referrals is
a simple process, yet it is amazing how few companies realize the upside potential and
miss out on a significant new source of business and profits. This is because very few understand how referral marketing works. Your referrals need to be
“systemized.”An Explanation Of Referral Marketing Systems:
Referral marketing “systems” are techniques and tools that you can easily integrate into your business (and/or website) that generate a steady flow of targeted prospects who are already
“pre-sold” on purchasing your product or service. 
If you wish to leverage your business into increased profits and sales, as well as reduce the amount of money and time wasted on not-so-profitable tasks such as cold calling and prospecting, then
referral marketing is almost always the first place to start for any business or professional practice.The Benefits Of Referral Marketing Systems:

Here is the good news…
There is a new resource that will help you increase your sales and profits with referral marketing systems. It is called…

How To Leverage Your Business Into High Profits
With Easy-To-Use Referral Marketing Systems40 Ways To Turn Your Contacts
Into A 24/7 No-Cost Sales Force

This new resource is a 50 page guidebook in Adobe Acrobat
“e-book” format that contains a total of
40 of the most successful, yet easy to use, referral and (Viral Internet) marketing systems available to you today.
We are specifically including these 40 systems because they are all examples of
the best online and offline techniques used by the most intelligent marketers and the most innovative companies in the world. These referral marketing systems are generating excellent results and
can be easily adopted into YOUR business as well. In fact, I give you the step-by-step directions to do just that.
This guidebook contains specific step-by-step instructions on how to integrate these innovative marketing systems into any business’ operations. Each has been tested and proven by
real companies. You can easily customize and integrate 1, 2, 5, or even more of these techniques into your business as well.
Many of these referral marketing systems are designed to work on “autopilot.” This means that after initial set-up, the system continues to generate sales and profits with little or no additional work involved. This allows you to
“Focus on results, not on work.”

Examples of
Successful Referral Marketing Systems:
Here is a preview of a few of these innovative referral techniques that are currently being used successfully by
REAL companies to increase their profits substantially:

The above examples are impressive, and the fact is,
any type of businesses or professional practice can use referral marketing to dramatically increase their leads, clients, and profits for
little or no extra marketing cost.

Wouldn’t you like to use these systems in your business?
Great, this guidebook is designed to do the following for you…

Here’s What A Few Experts Had To Say About
This Program When They Saw A Sneak Preview…

“Just one of Matt Hockin’s marketing techniques increased traffic to by 30 percent per month, and the cost was almost nothing!
The return in investment was huge since the extra traffic resulted in an immediate equivalent increase in advertising revenues.”Frank Kollar
Founder & Chief Operating Officer OTC BB: IVLKF “In my own business, referrals account for 80% of my most profitable service and up to 50% of another service line – plus a whole lot of my book sales.
Referrals are the cheapest and most effective marketing there is, and they tend to bring the best clients.
Matt Hockin shows you dozens of ways to make referrals work in your business. If you can’t find even one suggestion that will recover the cost of the book on the first sale, you’re not really in business.”Shel Horowitz
Author of Grassroots Marketing:
Getting Noticed in a Noisy World”If readers can’t find a way to double their business with this book,
NOTHING is going to work for them. Look at all the great ideas – and a workbook to walk your way through your plan.
I love the memory jogger lists Matt has included. Great value.”Eva Rosenberg 

Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Resource?

So what’s the catch? Why am I practically
giving these referral marketing methods away?

Well, it’s really quite simple. Since your accessing these directly from the Internet, I have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. I don’t need to pay anyone to take orders over the phone (though you’re welcome to call me at
541.280.3363 to see that I am a real person). This way I can pass along my cost savings to you. So you win, and I win.

Your success in using these proven and powerful referral marketing systems is 100% guaranteed to work.
If you make an honest effort to try just a couple of these referral marketing systems, and are not absolutely thrilled with the results – we will cheerfully refund your money.

You have one full year to try it. If your referral systems do not work – keep the guidebook. You can always use it later to increase your success in business.
I am including this guarantee to show you that there is absolutely no risk for you. There is only upside leverage for your business in the form of increased clientele and profits. The risk is all on me.

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all 40 of our referral marketing systems in your copy of – “How To Leverage Your Business Into High Profits With Easy-To-Use Referral Marketing Systems”
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Matt Hockin
Interactive Marketing, Inc.P.S. Remember: You will receive a collection of 40 of the most innovative referral marketing systems, plus specific
steps-by-step instructions to use each one in your business.


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Click here to get Generate Referrals With Easy-to-Use Referral Marketing Systems – at discounted price, while it’s still available…

Generate Referrals With Easy-to-Use Referral Marketing Systems

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