Crypto Clear: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Made Simple

Crypto Clear: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Made Simple

Product Name: Crypto Clear: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Made Simple

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Crypto Clear: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Made Simple
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Crypto Clear: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Made Simple

Item Description:

Discover the Very Best (and Worst) Ways to Manage Your Cryptocurrency that Can Make or Break Your Future with Over 8 Hours of Precise, Easy-to-Follow Instructions in Crypto Clear.

Do not use your Coinbase or GDAX account until you read this page!

Avoid losing 1,000’s or even millions of dollars by securing your cryptocurrency the right way. (Crypto investors are constantly making this same mistake!)

Start putting your great trading ideas into action, using the right techniques to make sure you’re protected from heartbreaking mistakes that could destroy your future.

Safely move your money into cryptocurrency without exposing yourself to the risks of getting easily hacked and losing everything.

Cryptocurrency is an incredibly exciting opportunity.

Don’t miss out just because you didn’t know how to buy it the right way!

Cryptocurrency is an amazing new opportunity.

It’s everything investors love:

–> And it’s easy to get.

But the problem is that it’s too easy to buy cryptocurrency the wrong way.

Millions of people have opened a Coinbase or GDAX account without learning the basics of cryptocurrency first… and those people might easily lose their investments forever.

That’s not an exaggeration.

If you jump into the world of crypto without the right tools, you are seriously putting all of your profits and money at risk.

My friend Bruce is an incredibly smart guy.

In fact, he’s a computer science expert.

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Meet Peter Kent: A Cryptocurrency Expert Who Might Literally Save You Millions of Dollars.

Over the past 30 years, Peter has published more than 60 highly acclaimed books on subjects related to technology, business, and making money online.

Peter offers a geek-free perspective on the technical wizardry behind Bitcoin and other currencies, along with the practical skills to navigate exchanges, store money securely, and identify the real dangers associated with investing in bitcoin and tokens. Get the expertise you need to evaluate cryptocurrencies and related opportunities!

Save yourself from life-ruining mistakes and learn to trade Cryptocurrency like a computer genius with simple strategies that anyone can follow.

Get Step-by-Step Instructions with over 8 Hours of Video in Crypto Clear, a New Online Course Designed to Turn You Into an Expert Crypto Trader Fast!

Crypto Clear is a simple, step-by-step video course that will show you everything you need to know to invest in crypto the right way.

There are risks with every investment, but if you aren’t trading crypto the right way, you can actually lose your profits… not because of bad trading strategies… but because you simply used the wrong tools!

Whether you’re nervous about getting started in crypto or you already have millions of dollars invested, now is the time to empower your trading with Crypto Clear!

How do people find out about and buy newly issued crypto coins and tokens?

Many new coins are distributed via ICOs and airdrops, and sometimes you can ask for and receive FREE coins during this phase.

Learn where to find info on airdrops and ICOs, and how to get the latest new coins with Crypto Clear.

Here’s Everything in This Course… and Exactly How It Will Save You from Profit-Destroying Mistakes and


• What you absolutely must understand before you plunge into crypto trading! (People who haven’t learned these initial steps have made some of the worst and most costly mistakes you can imagine.)

• If you already have Bitcoin, Litecoin, or any cryptocurrency, you need to go over this section ASAP. Your money seriously depends on it.


• The origin of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, and the mystery of Bitcoin’s founder.

• Learn how cryptos and tokens are created and why so that you can finally understand why these digital coins are worth so much money.

• Find out how digital coins and tokens are not like “real” currencies – and how this key difference is one of the biggest strengths for both crypto and you.

• The “Keys” that put the “crypto” in Cryptocurrency.

• How to reclaim your money even if you lose they “keys” to unlock your accounts. (Without this one tip, you could lose a heartbreaking amount of money fast.)

• How hackers can (sometimes) get away with stealing in plain sight …and what you can do to ensure that your money won’t be stolen.

• How to identify a trustworthy place to trade so you don’t end up getting tricked by some of the most popular (and dangerous) websites.

• Getting verified and depositing funds into your account. (This is the difference between trading crypto and simply giving the wrong person your hard-earned money!)

• Buying, selling and transferring cryptocurrencies. Turn the rapidly growing marketplace into your secret weapon… instead of a booby trap waiting to trick you.

• What’s going on in the blockchain when you buy and sell.

• How “miners” validate transactions so that everyone knows YOU really did earn the money you have.

• How to keep your money safer on an exchange compared to the vast majority of amateur traders.

• A “wallet” isn’t really a wallet… what does it do then?

• Pros & cons of different types of wallets, and why some of them can help you manage your money smarter while others will only ruin your chances of success.

• How wallets work and major mistakes to watch for.

• What to do if you “lose” your wallet so that you can minimize the damage right away.


• Trading and transferring between different wallets and exchanges, and…

• How to optimize trading efficiency and minimize transaction fees!

• Your money’s not in a bank—so you are 100% responsible for your own financial security!

• What happens when you ignore the risks… like these people did.

• The essential principles of securing cryptocurrencies.

• What you’re REALLY storing in a crypto wallet, and why.

• Online and offline security measures – what’s the best way to keep your money safe while you grow your portfolio?

• Understand the security levels provided by different types of wallets, so you can make the right choice the first time.

• Spending and sending money securely… so you can use your crypto currency without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

• How will I ever remember all those *#!@% passwords? (If you think you know the answer to this one, guess again! That notepad you have is a high security risk.)

• Passing on cryptocurrency to your heirs.

• How to recover if you do lose a password or key.

• Beyond Bitcoin: The Other Currencies, Altcoins & Tokens

• What is an ICO? Can I really get coins for free?

• Why there’s more than one “Bitcoin,” and how you can find the most promising options while staying away from the fly-by-night crypto scams so many people are buying into.

• Scams to avoid when seeking free coins and quick profits.

• What happens when a coin “dies”?

• What should I buy, and why should I buy it?

Quickly and Easily Master the Tools of Cryptocurrency, Even if You Know Nothing About Computers, Investing, or Blockchain.

Crypto Clear is designed to bring anyone up to speed on everything they need to know to start investing in cryptocurrencies.

You can take the course on your own time. You’ll have access for life.

Plus, with quick-and-easy video tutorials, you can watch this course during your commute or while you’re lying in bed.

It’s literally just as easy as watching Netflix… but instead of wasting hours on the couch, you’ll quickly master a whole new world of assets.

The course you’re about to access will give you the tools you need to successfully buy and sell without getting ripped off or losing your cryptocurrency.

“What about the Cryptocurrency Bubble?!”

A lot of people are excited about crypto, but they get worried when old, traditional investors start talking about a cryptocurrency bubble.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Crypto Clear:

It’s possible to have a bubble and still grow your assets!

In fact, there was an Internet bubble… right before Google exploded into a billion-dollar company.

There was a bubble before Amazon.

There was a bubble before Snapchat… you get the point.

Bubbles do not mean that everything is going to fall apart. It just means that there’s a natural up and down, just like with any investment.

After all, volatility is a good thing. If the price never goes up and down, you can’t actually make a profit. If it’s always the same price, there’s no point in investing!

If you want to invest in something safe, you can try government bonds that give you a .5% return.

But cryptocurrency offers an exciting new opportunity, and it can absolutely be a part of any sensible investment portfolio.

People Love Crypto Clear!

“Minimize that risk.”

“Totally understandable.”

Course Instructor Peter Kent’s Expertise and Ability to Teach Has Been Proven Time and Time Again.

Author of SEO for Dummies,

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet, and More.

Peter Kent has been teaching complicated subjects in a simple, easy-to-understand way for over 30 years.

He is the author and presenter of four courses on and LinkedIn Learning.

Peter also has the highest ranked SEO course on Udemy, turning difficult technical knowledge into clear-cut, useful information for experts and beginners alike.

He has successfully mastered technology and online money-making strategies, and now he’s sharing these tools with you.

Try this course out and see just how clear, vivid, and simple these instructions are.

Once you fully understand how to safely buy and sell cryptocurrency without getting hacked or ripped off, you’ll never want to go back!

Investing in Your Own Knowledge Is the Smartest Investment of All

When you invest in anything, you’re taking a risk.

But the risk of getting your account hacked or actually losing all your money because of a faulty USB drive is something that’s unique to cryptocurrency.

You can protect yourself from mistakes like this (and so much more) while learning how to discover new block-chain currencies for yourself and uncovering hidden opportunities that other investors will miss.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

This is sound, step-by-step instruction that will allow you to buy and sell crypto the right way.

(And if you’re like Bruce, it could save you millions of dollars!)

But I understand that most new investors and everyday people simply don’t have that kind of money, and it shouldn’t stop you from being able to protect yourself from huge mistakes and hackers, thieves, and con artists.

That’s why I’m limiting the price to cover my costs and make only a small profit.

If you decide to work with me in the future to grow your assets even further, that’s great! But if you just take these techniques and save yourself the headaches of losing serious money, I’ll be happy.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t love having the best possible techniques for safely buying and selling cryptocurrency online, I will gladly send you a full refund.

The people who have tried my course so far all love it, and I’m sure you will too.

And after 30 years of teaching people how to use technology and investments to make money online, I’m certain I can help you, too.

So try it out for yourself!

If You’re Excited About Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency,

Today is Your Chance to Do It Right!

You don’t have to jump into the waters alone.

I’m here to help guide you, step-by-step, through the buying and selling process.

It’s incredibly exciting, and you probably have a lot of ideas about how you can maximize your profits… but without the right basic tools, you could make some very costly mistakes.

So join me today – and see why trading cryptocurrency is one of my favorite investments!

And this is just one of the many things you’re going to learn in this tight, concise course packed with 8 hours of incredible content.

Every minute of this course contains critical facts for anyone buying and selling cryptocurrency, so take this risk-free step and check it out today!

Don’t Wait for Government Regulations to Stop You from Buying Crypto!

The federal government is still debating whether or not they should begin regulating cryptocurrency.

In fact, many people in government even think we should make crypto illegal!

In this chaotic political environment, there are no guarantees anymore.

This might very possibly be the last chance you ever have to invest in cryptocurrency — the laws could change tomorrow!

And with my 60-day money-back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose when you buy this course.

Discover just how powerful this course is for yourself.

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Crypto Clear: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Made Simple

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