Become a Home-Based Travel Agent — Travel Agent Success

Become a Home-Based Travel Agent — Travel Agent Success

Product Name: Become a Home-Based Travel Agent — Travel Agent Success

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Become a Home-Based Travel Agent — Travel Agent Success
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Become a Home-Based Travel Agent — Travel Agent Success

Item Description:

Imagine how it would feel to:

All this is possible, and it’s easier than you think, especially if you have guidance from someone who has gone through the process of starting a successful home-based travel business already.

Sue Bradley sold more than a million dollars in cruises in her FIRST year as a home-based travel agent. She can help you get started too!

Maybe you only want a part time business.

Maybe you’re still working and want to try out being a travel agent with the thought that it might be a good retirement job.

Maybe you only want to get discounts off your own travel.

Or maybe you want to build a large business, like I have.

The best part about a home-based travel business is that you can design it to fit into YOUR life.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I first got started. I truly made every mistake in the book, and learned everything the hardest way possible… through trial and error.

My business became so successful that my husband quit his job as a management consultant and now works full time in the business with me.

All of this is possible for you, too.

You’ve probably heard that travel agents are a dying breed and that everyone is booking their travel on the internet now.

A lot of travel IS booked online… but what the statistics don’t tell you is that the vast majority of travel booked online is for airline FLIGHTS.

As a travel agent, flights are the #1 LEAST profitable product you can sell (usually, there is NO commission). So the fact that people are booking flights online should not concern you.

The reality is that most people research their travel options online, then contact a travel agent when they’re ready to book. For example, 70% of cruises are booked through a travel agent.

The biggest spenders in the travel market – baby boomers and older folks – dislike using the computer for business transactions, and prefer the personal touch.

These are the people you’ll be attracting as a home-based travel agent.

“70% of Cruisers Use a Travel Agent to Plan and Book Cruise Vacations”

(Source: CLIA 2015 Cruise Industry Outlook)

If you answered YES to one or more of those questions, then chances are that being a home-based travel agent would be a great fit for you!

However, you’ll want to do some research before you get started.

Please don’t get carried away in your excitement and rush into a decision about starting a business without doing your research.

Instead, do yourself a favor and make sure you understand everything that’s involved in getting started as a home-based travel agent.

First, get answers to ALL your questions.

Why do I feel so strongly about doing your research?

I’ll confess… it’s because I did the exact opposite.

When I first decided to become a travel agent I did barely any research. I just jumped right in.

As a result, I made a LOT of time-consuming and expensive mistakes.

In the end, I succeeded through sheer grit and determination (along with a bit of dumb luck).

Now, I talk to dozens of people every week while helping them book their cruises. A surprisingly large number of them mention a desire to become a travel agent like me. I noticed they all have similar questions and misconceptions that are holding them back from taking that first step.

That’s why I created “Answers To Your Top 10 Questions About Becoming a Home-Based Travel Agent”…. I want to answer your biggest questions and help you understand exactly what’s involved BEFORE you commit time and money to your new business.

“Answers To Your Top 10 Questions About Becoming a Home-Based Travel Agent” is a series of 11 audio recordings, each one addressing a commonly asked question.

You’ll get answers to your most urgent concerns:

All of these questions and more are answered in “Answers To Your Top 10 Questions About Becoming a Home-Based Travel Agent”.

All together, you’ll get 157 minutes (more than two and a half hours) of advice.

In the audio recordings, an interviewer grills me about all the above topics and more, and I give my no-holds barred responses. You’ll hear it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The audios are in mp3 format, so you can listen to them on your computer, or move them over to your mobile device and listen to them while you’re on the go.

In case you prefer to read written material, you’ll also get transcripts of the recordings. The transcripts are time stamped, so you’ll be able to quickly locate a specific topic if you want to go back and listen to that part again. You could also print out the transcripts and make notes as you listen to the audio recordings.

But that’s not all you’ll get.

In addition to the audio recordings and written transcripts, you’ll also get 3 very special bonuses.

When you’re first getting started as a home-based travel agent, your first and most critical decision will be to choose a host agency.

You’ll have more than 250 host agencies to choose from, and each one claims to be the best!

Which one is telling the truth?

Use this simple tool to reveal #1 BEST host agency and start your business off on the right foot.

I encourage you to choose a travel niche to specialize in.

Cruising (the specialty I chose for my own business) is one of the most profitable niches and is a great choice for home-based travel agents.

In this Cheat Sheet you’ll discover six additional travel specialties, where people are spending money hand over fist, and earning top dollar as a home-based travel agent is as easy as it gets.

Billions of people are using Facebook, and many of them are travellers.

In this step-by-step guide, I show you how easy it is to tap into this never-ending stream of potential clients.

Facebook has 1.09 billion daily active users. 

(Source: Facebook Newsroom)

You’ll get all 11 audio recordings of “Answers To Your Top 10 Questions About Becoming a Home Based Travel Agent” (more than 2 and a half hours in total), along with the accompanying transcripts (142 pages) plus all three additional bonuses.

The interviewer was very skilled and successfully teased every little bit of advice out of me. I ended up doing a ‘brain dump’, and probably revealed even more than I should have!

You can have the entire package for less than what it would cost for a single hour of professional advice.

I wish I had access to all of these answers before I launched my own home-based travel business.

What do you have to lose?

Just click the button below to get started.

I’m confident that you’ll be thrilled with “Answers to Your Top 10 Questions About Becoming a Home-Based Travel Agent”, because you’ll finally have a good understanding about exactly what’s involved in starting up a home-based travel agency business.

However, if you don’t feel that the value you receive is much, much more than what you paid, then I’ll refund all of your money. Simply contact my support team for a full refund… no questions asked.  Since it’s a digital product, there is nothing to return – you can keep everything (including the 3 free bonuses) as my gift to you.

P.S.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about becoming a home-based travel agent for a while now. Take the first step today!  FINALLY, with “Answers To Your Top 10 Questions About Becoming a Home-Based Travel Agent”, you can get all your questions answered and decide for sure whether you want to move ahead with a satisfying, profitable home-based travel business that fits into your life.

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Click here to get Become a Home-Based Travel Agent — Travel Agent Success – at discounted price, while it’s still available…

Become a Home-Based Travel Agent — Travel Agent Success

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